Implications of Bad Posture

Implications of Bad Posture (The Quarantine Edition)

Many of us spend a long time of the day slouching while using smartphones, watching TV or working numerous hours seated without thinking about how poor posture can affect our health. Some of the common problems of bad posture are:

  • Pain and Fatigue: When poor posture is sustained for long hours, muscles, ligaments and joints can get more stress than usual. It causes an increase of tension and workload on areas that are not supposed to receive that much stress. Neck, head, back, jaw and shoulder pain are common problems related to poor posture.
  • Decreased Lung Function: to bring oxygen into the lungs, the diaphragm needs to be working properly, however with hunching posture for long periods this muscle does not have enough room to move and it decreases the amount of air getting into our lungs. This can not only cause shortness of breath, but also affects how the rest of the body works such as the heart and brain since oxygen is vital for proper function of these organs.
  • Heartburn, Constipation and Poor Digestion: slouching after a meal can increase the pressure of the abdominal organs. It may cause the acids of the stomach to move to the wrong direction and also slow down the movement of digestion in the intestines.

If you have questions or think you have bad posture, come talk to one of our physical therapists! Customized exercises for you can improve your quality of life and decrease your symptoms.

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