Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine by definition is the treatment of sport related injury but not all of us are athletes by profession or even as amateurs. Many of us can develop sport related injury by repeated improper motion in our everyday lives. However, when engaging in a variety of sports from tennis to cycling we may often encounter unwanted discomfort. Some of the most common injuries are Ankle Sprains,Groin pull, Hamstring strains, Shin splints, Knee injuries (ACL tears), Petellofemoral syndrome (injury resulting from repetitive movement of your kneecap against your thigh bone, and Tennis elbow. The great news is you found the right place in Fortaleza. We specialize in all areas of sports medicine and are athletes ourselves. Athletes caring for athletes, makes sense right? Our strategy is to help you reach long term recovery through intensive and thorough care that includes prevention education. Here is what you can expect:

What you can expect from our process:

  • Manual hands on therapy or manipulation
  • Soothing heat and electric stimulation (Iontophoresis) to the affected area
  • Deep static stretching
  • Reconditioning or guided training to strengthen all the muscles supporting the injured or ailing joint
  • Kinesio Taping

We have 25 years of excellence and expertise in providing rapid recovery by our areas top Physical Therapists. Fortaleza- trusted by thousands of local customers, The Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments to provide the highest level of care. Follow the schedule now link to start your come back story!

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