Pediatric/Adolescent Rehab

When our children are hurt we hurt. As parents we will go to the ends of the earth to ensure our kids get the care and treatment they need at a place that is trusted and respected throughout the Philadelphia region. Convenient after school hours, therapists with experience working with kids and recovery plans catered to your child are a specialty. Childhood injuries are extremely common as they are exploring the capabilities of their bodies from the moment they’re crawling. We treat many common injuries and childhood disabilities like fractures that may require splinting to cerebral palsy. All with a common goal and that’s improving your child’s quality of life.

What you can expect from our process:

  • Manual hands on therapy or manipulation
  • Soothing heat and electric stimulation (Iontophoresis) to the affected area
  • Deep static stretching
  • Reconditioning or guided training to strengthen all the muscles supporting the injured or ailing joint
  • Age appropriate exercises/activities

We have 25 years of excellence and expertise in providing rapid recovery by our areas top Physical Therapists. Fortaleza- trusted by thousands of local customers, The Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments to provide the highest level of care. Follow the schedule now link to start your come back story!

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