Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Injuries can often leave you considering surgery. Many times its not necessarily an injury but rather an ailment like arthritis. When faced with the choice of surgery or joint replacement you must consider pre-surgical rehab to as option before to ensure it’s your only option at gaining relief and full mobility. Fortaleza specializes in many modern modalities that will often provide flexibility, increased range of motion, comfort and a desired functionality.

When the only choice is surgery to repair a degenerative joint or ligament tear we are here to speed up your recovery process. Our track record for satisfaction is respected throughout the orthopedic community here in Philadelphia.

What you can expect from our process:

  • Manual hands on therapy or manipulation
  • Soothing heat and electric stimulation (Iontophoresis) to the affected area
  • Deep static stretching
  • Reconditioning or guided training to strengthen all the muscles supporting the injured or ailing joint
  • Incision Management
  • Scar Tissue Mobilization

We have 25 years of excellence and expertise in providing rapid recovery by our areas top Physical Therapists. Fortaleza- trusted by thousands of local customers, The Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments to provide the highest level of care. Follow the schedule now link to start your come back story!

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