Pre-Paid Plans

Gym only Month to Month Membership $19.99/mo
Gym only 12 Month Membership $199.00
Single Senior Month to Month Membership $19.99/mo (Includes Group Exercise)
Single Senior 12 Month Membership $199.00
Youth Month to Month Membership $19.99/mo (Includes Group Exercise)
Youth 12 Month Membership $199.00 (Includes Group Exercise)
Group Exercise Unlimited Monthly $19.99
Group Exercise Unlimited Yearly $199.00
Premium Membership Monthly $29.99
Premium Membership Yearly $299.99


  • All Monthly and Yearly Plans Require a New Member Enrollment fee. $35.00 per individual.
  • To qualify for senior plans you must be over 60.
  • All Veterans also qualify for discount Senior pricing and pay NO Enrollment Fee
  • Youth Plans limited to ages 6 through 17.

Per Diem Prices

Day Pass $5.00
Aerobic Class $5.00
Specialized Group Classes $10-$15
Child Sitting $3.00 (2 hour maximum)
Kids Gym Pass $5.00