Attention Healthcare Providers

Fortaleza is continuously advancing its programming and looking for ways to improve the health and function of our community. Currently, our fitness center participates with many insurance providers to offer free or low cost gym memberships. We are now taking this a step further, a very crucial and vital step leading to more successful outcomes and consistency in leading a healthier life. That step is fitness coaching. We have launched a new program that assesses the current fitness level, creates a custom plan to improve 3 main areas; Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Flexibility, then we carry it through with one on one coaching and detailed reporting. All of which will be shared with you the Primary Care Physician so together we can deliver optimal results.
We encourage all providers utilize this completely FREE 30 Day Program to activate a sense of accountability and promote fitness as an adjunct to your current treatment plan. We call it the PFP, Prescribed Fitness Program.